(Evening) Theater - 6-12th grade

6-12th Grade - (Monday 4-6pm) (price covers both fall and spring semester) | taught by Wendi Williams

Course description

About Our Program...
The confident, articulate student finds it easier to make friends, accept new challenges and explore new directions. Our Program is designed to help each student achieve these invaluable life skills. Students in our program participate in a wide range of activities including creative writing, speech, dramatic movement and improvisation.
At the end of each year they utilize all the skills acquired during the year to perform a scripted production for parents and friends.
In a supportive, fun-filled atmosphere, our classes aim to give young people ongoing confidence, self-esteem and verbal communication skills. We’re a place where all students, from the shy to the outgoing, can develop at their own pace, with plenty of positive encouragement. Enthusiastic students who learn to speak out clearly and relate confidently with others will have an inside track to lifetime success.



*Creative Thinking

*Acting Abilities

*Public Speaking Skills

*Leadership & Teamwork

Wendi Williams
Wendi Williams

Course Curriculum

(Evening) Theater - Monday 4-6pm (6th-12th grade)
(Evening) Theater- Monday 4-6pm (6th-12th grade)
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